Collapsing Season—A Film by Marco Tourigny

25 March 2024 / By aude

As a local event, we’re thrilled and proud to shine a spotlight on our community. That’s why we’re excited to present to you today a beautiful project shot in the streets of Montreal, filmed and edited by a local.

FEATURING Matt Schmid, Vanessa Cléroux, Kim Cote, Samantha Secours, Gab Gosselin, Marjorie Couturier, Kianah & Marion

In the world of snowboarding, where artistic expression meets sport, Montreal stands out as a central point for street spots. “Collapsing Season” not only showcases the performances of local riders Vanessa Cléroux and Matt Schmid but also illustrates the sense of unity, dedication, and challenges faced during an unpredictable snow season, as we know so well in Quebec.

“At the end of the season, the snow melted much faster than in previous years, which added an extra challenge to the production. This seasonal change gave the film its name, Collapsing Season.”– Vanessa

Photos credits: Vanessa Cléroux & Marco Tourigny

Unlike some high-budget productions, “Collapsing Season” is a passion project funded by those involved. It’s amazing what can be achieved when passion drives us. They not only demonstrated their commitment but also showcased the good vibes and strong friendships within this film, as shared by King Snow.

Marco Tourigny, as the artistic director, filmer and video editor of this short film, perfectly captures the emotion of the riders throughout the season. Each of his artistic choices are carefully considered, capturing the essence of every moment. His talent and distinctive style evoke nostalgia and showcase the hard work required to bring such a project to life.

Photos credits: Marco Tourigny & Vanessa Cléroux

Beyond her snowboarding skills, Vanessa Cléroux is a local artist known for her contributions as a music producer. She has notably created instrumental soundtracks for this film as well as for several other films, documentaries, and ads. She also joins us in creating content for the JACKALOPE festivals! In the film, Vanessa’s many talents are highlighted, adding a unique touch to the film.

Photos credits: Marco Tourigny & Simon Dubé

A remarkable personality both on and off the mountain, Matt Schmid brings infectious positive energy to this film. In addition to being a talented rider, Matt’s attitude makes him a favorite among his peers. Whether lending a hand shoveling snow or offering encouragement throughout the shoot, he embodies the spirit of unity that defines Montreal’s snowboarding community.

Photo credit: Jay Gallant

Marco also had the opportunity to film Kim Cote, an amazing rider from Calgary who was in Montreal for a few weeks. Kim is a rising talent in the street snowboarding scene that filmed parts for a couple of the Paid Programming films and “Life is Plastic”. You can find out more about Kim in this King Snow article. Moreover, they won none other than the second place in this year’s edition of APIK!

You can listen to the “Collapsing Season” soundtrack on any platforms.

If you feel like diving into the Montreal street scene, we encourage you to watch “Collapsing Season” and show them some love! We also encourage you to stay tuned, as a new film will be released in early autumn 2024 with new riders added to the project!