APIK 2024 — Celebration on Mont Saint-Denis

8 March 2024 / By vanessa

Dear festival-goers, athletes, and partners,

The Montreal 2024 edition of APIK was a true explosion of energy, all thanks to your massive presence and infectious enthusiasm. We set a record attendance, welcoming no less than 33,800 festival-goers from Friday to Sunday! It is with immense pride that we reflect on the highlights of this incredible weekend. First and foremost, dive into our recap video, a cinematic journey that will virtually transport you to the heart of the action:

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Singing In The Rain

The riders truly brought the heat with the exceptional 26-foot high, 275-foot long course designed by Today’s Park. A snow park that provided the canvas for them to unleash their creativity. On Saturday night, they faced the rain with incredible elegance and delivered a memorable performance. The audience was there, applauding and staying ecstatic despite the weather.

Even when there was no more cash for the best tricks, Liam Brearley decided to treat us to a massive cab 270 front blunt cork 630 out 🤯 purely for the show. The crowd’s reaction brought the place to life, creating an unforgettable end to Saturday’s snowboard competition!

Riding in the city

Did you get a chance to check out Phil Boily Doucet‘s recap video? It’s such a vibe, with him and his skis in the subway before coming to conquer the course!


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Speaking of the subway, it was operational all night! It was the ideal option for the brave souls who extended the Fireball après-ski at l’Abreuvoir until 6 AM.

Well-deserved podiums

Men’s Snowboarding
1/ Coltan Eckert
2/ Frank Jobin
3/ Liam Brearley
4/ Gab Gosselin
5/ Tommy Bélanger

“It’s sort of like a big ski/snowboard party downtown Montreal, except you don’t have to ski to be a part of it. The athletes threw down big tricks, and as the night goes later the vibes get even higher and the tricks even crazier. The vibe was super high.”

– Coltan Eckert, men’s snowboarding champion.

Women’s Snowboarding
1/ Anne-Sophie Lechon
2/ Kim Cote
3/ Natalie Allport
4/ Luna Napess
5/ Alissa Alivea

“It was fantastic! From our arrival, everything was set up for us to have maximum fun. The setup was challenging but very well-built and shaped! There was always someone at the bottom and the top to boost us, and the partners too, and that counts a lot mentally. I loved the event’s mindset, with passion and fun first. That’s the essence of snowboarding! Thanks APIK fest! Thanks Montreal! I’ll be back, for sure!”

– Anne-Sophie Lechon, women’s snowboarding champion.

Men’s Skiing
1/ Thomas Galarneau
2/ Mathieu Dufresne
3/ Jérémy Gagné
4/ Frédéric Lavoie
5/ Alex Bellemare

“It’s definitely an exciting event. All the lights, the crowd and the hosts putting on a show bring excitement. The setup was definitely more inclusive this year. It definitely gives visibility to skiing and snowboarding for many people who would never have seen the full extent of our sports in real life!”

– Thomas Galarneau, men’s skiing champion.

Women’s Skiing
1/ Alaïs Develay
2/ Hunter Belle Hall
3/ Ely-Rose Turgeon

“You take passionate skiers who have to express themselves by giving the best of what they’re capable of, right in the streets of Montreal, and you get the wild second edition of APIK! I can’t believe it, it was insane!”

– Alaïs Develay, who made the round trip from Whistler just to participate, brilliantly won first place on the women’s skiing podium.

To discover all the results and photos of APIK 2024, click here.


On Friday night, the Ambition snowskates best trick ignited the beginning of the weekend on the massive White Claw Canada-branded rainbow rail. Thierry Daigneault, the first to successfully complete the boardslide, truly electrified the crowd, plunging them into a trance of enthusiasm! Plus, we were fortunate to welcome Raph Detienne, who also conquered the course with style.

Invited snowskate athletes
Raph Detienne
Frank Gagnon
Cédric Vigneault
Gab Proulx
Pat Pouliot
Thierry Daigneault
Félix L.A

Judges of choice

Sébastien Toutant, a global snowboarding icon, took on the role of judge during the Saturday night snowboarding competition. With numerous championship titles to his name, Seb doesn’t just judge; he wants to reinvent the sport and actively contribute to it. His remarkable commitment to evolving snowboarding has been a valuable asset. We also had the privilege of welcoming Martin Langelier, Jérémy Cloutier, Xavier Mayrand, JF Houle and Frederic P Simard as judges, completing a panel of passionate experts.

DJs and the atmosphere

We were treated to a sensational lineup at the Red Bull DJ Booth with @anthonydrolet, a versatile talent who is also known as a great filmer in the snowboard street scene. We also danced to the rhythms of @danickbastienmusic, @sambrowndeschenes, @the_wildboyz_official, and @giscardtamas.

Can’t wait to do it again

On Sunday night, the APIK team concluded the event by testing snowskates at the bottom of the slope, and the audience continued to cheer them on, asking for more!

This concludes the real success of this free urban event on Mount Saint-Denis, in Quartier Latin. Three days of competition and celebration that will remain in our memories for a very long time.

After receiving an abundance of love from you all, we can’t wait to do it again! The athletes, the crowd, and the partner village all contributed to the success and incredible atmosphere of the event. A big thank you to White Claw Canada, Shop Santé, Fireball, Burton, and Arc’teryx Montreal.

We hope to see you soon for new adventures!