Fireball Après-Ski: Unforgettable Memories and Surprises!

23 February 2024 / By vanessa

The magic of APIK extends beyond just the competitions; it’s the fiery atmosphere and contagious energy that make this event an incredible experience. With a Fireball cocktail in hand, surrounded by friends and new faces, you’ll forge unforgettable memories. And guess what? It’s thanks in no small part to our fantastic partner, and yes, you guessed it, Fireball! The favorite drink of quite a few riders I know.

The last time I had Fireball was when we decided to go snowboarding in the middle of the night. We ventured onto a mountain illuminated only by the moonlight and our headlights. During the hike, we took a few shots to ‘hydrate’ and warm up with this delectable and spicy taste. Since then, it has become my eternal go-to for epic nights like that one! Every sip takes me back to that moment. It’s amazing how a simple flavor can evoke memories and carry so much magic.

Now, let’s get back to APIK! During the weekend, a special zone awaits you, where you can get your hands on Fireball ‘goodies’ and discover all the surprises they’ve prepared for you. Don’t hesitate to check it out to enhance your APIK experience even more.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is not just a drink. It embodies a bold blend of Canadian whisky, cinnamon flavors and sweeteners, created by the Sazerac company. Its base is made from premium Canadian whisky.

After Party Fireball

After an intense day of competition, the party is just beginning! We invite you and your friends to join the Fireball After Party, promising to match the excitement of Mont Saint-Denis.

Head to the heated outdoor terrace of L’Abreuvoir on Saturday night, March 2, starting at 11 pm. There, you’ll be welcomed to an Après-Ski-themed night with a breathtaking mountain ambiance. Put on your best après-ski outfits and get ready for a memorable night.

📍403 Ontario E Street

The terrace has a limited capacity of 150 people, so make sure to arrive early to secure your spot. It’s simple—first come, first served. And you know what? For those on the guest list (athletes, VIPs, staff, partners), entry is free!

Even if you arrive a bit later, no worries. L’Abreuvoir will be open for everyone who wants to extend the party until 6 am. There’s a $20 cover for the bar right on the spot.

On the agenda: Ski Shots to warm you up, a photo booth to capture your best moments, Fireball cocktails at special prices, ski and snow videos to immerse you in the atmosphere and of course, DJ sets that will keep you dancing all night. Bonus points if you know the Fireball dance; it’s the perfect time to show off your moves!

So, on the weekend of March 1st, get ready, you and your crew. Hop into the designated driver’s car, turn up the Pitbull song, and join us to create memories that will be engraved in APIK’s history. It’s going to be legendary!

See you at APIK!