Where to Eat During APIK!

18 February 2024 / By vanessa

If, like me, you’re passionate about culinary discoveries but don’t want to miss a thing at APIK, then you’re probably wondering where to find delicious meals during the quieter moments or between the podium and the Fireball after-party. Well, look no further because I’ve put together a Top 10 list of places where I like to eat in the heart of Quartier Latin.

Beijing Dumpling

The dumpling paradise! Born in 2019, this restaurant offers a wide variety among its four main dishes: soup dumplings, steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, and noodle-based meals, each providing a diversity of flavors with options like meat, tofu, and more. The dishes are fresh, delicious, and prepared by friendly and charming people.

📍1723 Saint-Denis Street

Randolph Pub Ludique Quartier Latin

Food, cocktails, board games, beer, and fun. All brought together in one place, where a complete experience awaits you. With a variety of enticing dishes, a warm atmosphere, and a large selection of drinks, each visit promises a memorable moment. A pub where friendliness and excitement blend perfectly!

📍2041 Saint-Denis Street

3 Amigos

Mexican cuisine enthusiast? In an incredibly diverse menu, discover pasta, fajitas, tacos, burgers, chili, enchiladas, and more. This place will win you over with its huge cocktails, birthday sombreros, and affordable prices that are easy on the wallet!

📍1621 Saint-Denis Street

Le Café Big Trouble

Whether you’re looking to wake up with a double-shot espresso or warm up with a delightful matcha latte, I highly recommend this café! You can also pair your drink with sweet or salty accompaniments. Get ready to dive into a unique atmosphere and be amazed by the originality of this spot! But be careful, they love trouble!

📍2054 Saint-Denis Street

Oplante Sushi et Wok Végétalien

Embrace the “Go Green, Go Vegan” lifestyle while advocating for our planet and enjoy a warm atmosphere and attentive service. Prepare for an unforgettable culinary experience, and for all non-veg skeptics, be ready to be pleasantly surprised!

📍2115 Saint-Denis Street

Menthe et Couscous

An authentic restaurant with North African flavors, offering a variety of couscous and tagine recipes. The ambiance and decor will transport you on a gustatory journey with oriental notes. The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere comes alive during belly dance performances during dinner. You can also bring your own wine or beer, adding a personal touch to this immersive culinary journey.

📍361 Emery Street

Omnivore Resto

This restaurant offers delicious, health-inspired Lebanese cuisine. The varied menu caters to all tastes, even vegans. “We call ourselves Omnivore because we serve everything!” explains Hadi, the manager. Immerse yourself in a Mediterranean culinary experience with sandwiches featuring grilled vegetables or beef and homemade salad plates.

📍1633 Saint-Denis Street

Les 3 Brasseurs

Both a microbrewery and a restaurant, Les 3 Brasseurs offers a unique concept: fresh unpasteurized beer, made from the purest ingredients according to traditional recipes and brewed on-site, right before your eyes. The diverse menu consists of bistro dishes and popular local dishes.

📍1658 Saint-Denis Street

Le Végo

With over 40 years of expertise in vegetarian dining, this restaurant offers a self-service buffet and a gourmet counter, suitable for all lifestyles. Enjoy a healthy and balanced cuisine without worrying about feeling heavy after the meal! Experience a varied culinary journey that combines well-being and indulgence.

📍1720 Saint-Denis Street


I particularly like this place for its craft beers and, of course, its warm ambiance. Its delicious dishes, tempting brunches, and gourmet desserts are also worth a visit! Reserved for 18 years and older due to alcohol regulations that prohibit them from accommodating minors inside their Montreal branch.

📍1567 Saint-Denis Street

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? I suggest checking out the Quartier Latin website, where there are plenty of great options for eating and drinking.

If you’re looking for a place to sip one or five drinks, check out my Top 10 list of places to drink during APIK.

See you at APIK!